South Korean Vacation

Our recent trip to South Korea was amazing and on this website are some of the memories we had during this trip and some of our recommendations when you make your way to this wonderful country.

Be Prepared to be Amazed!

You are about to see how our vacation in South Korea was and we are sharing these things to keep them as memories for us as well as help you when you decide to plan your next trip to Korea.

If you don't do anything else while you are here you have to try a whole bunch of different restaurants and eat many different types of foods. Be open-minded and ready to eat some great tasting cuisines!


Places to Go

South Korea may be a country that does not seem that large but there are so many places to visit that will give you a taste of the culture diversity in a way that you can only experience being in the country.  The photos will give you a small sense of the differences but they in no way do the culture justice.

Places to Eat

Have you tried Korean Food before?  If you have then you are in for a real treat but if you have not then you have to be open-minded and try as much of the food as possible.  We tried many street restaurants and other choice restaurants and the menu choices were some of the best that we have only experienced in the country.


Hotels to Stay

We stayed in a few hotels while visiting because we have family that lives in the country so this website will mainly be about the places to go and things to see but we do have some hotels you can try and not try if you do need to stay in a hotel while you are visiting.


Things to Do with Kids

We have 3 children, ages 5, 8 & 9 (at the time this is being written) and they also had the time of their lives.  I was very surprised at how kid-friendly South Korea is and as you see many different venues for children and some of which we partook in and had a great time with our children.